Their Story

Avery  &  Kadence

Two neighbors turned into two best friends. At the age of 4, Kadence ran over to Avery when she was playing outside in the front yard. The two of them jumped into a gigantic mud puddle as it had just rained a couple hours before and they played (covered in mud from head to toe) beneath a rainbow. At the end of their muddy play Kadence said " So, I guess we're like really good friends now. Our house is the one with the door mat with an 'A' on it."

Avery said, "cool". 

(Apparently mud-puddle-jumping is the key determining factor in friendship compatibility)


And that was that. Fast forward..... they're now 8 and 9.​ The two of them spend about half the week with one another and both adjusted to the pandemic relying on one another for support, care and playtime only bringing them closer. In a crazy world, sometimes all you need is a really, really good friend. 

Due to the mask mandate in Texas, the girls started tie dying our hand-made cotton masks and asked if we could give them to other kids so that mask-wearing is fun. With a little bit of creativity, some website making magic and a big conversation on the word "investment" we are!

We hope you enjoy them and we hope they make wearing a mask more meaningful for your sweet kiddos. 

Making the world safer, one tie dye mask at a time.

With Love,

Helping the world one tie dye mask at a time!
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