Need more mask comfort or need to make an exiasting mask tighter or even longer? These are for you! Pliable and comfy to sit right above your child's ears helping the mask stay in place, or create more or less length. These are also ideal for kids with sensory sensitivities as they don't sit on the ears.

Silicone Ear Savers

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  • Face mask extender ideal for kids. If you have another facemask brand with long ear loops, this could work  to shorten the length and rest on the back on the head for comfort.

    Tip: The length of the band is approx. 7". Measure the back of your child's head from ear tip to ear tip to see if these will work!.

    If your kiddo is complaining about ear discomfort or if the mask is too large- these are a not only an ear saver...but a life saver!


  • Because these are intended for use on our kiddo's hair and neck, we cannot accept them back to protect others. However, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like your masks, we will make it right!

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